A Whalley was first born a really really really long time ago, around the time of the dinosaurs… and of King James.

From there is has been an incredible Journey, meeting such influential and amazing people as William the Conquerer, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and that guy from the ‘no, not the dart’ commercials. (I also met Fatty Vaughtan in a lift once, but I don’t want to brag).

Anyway, you can read all about the latest trials and tribulations of the ‘Whalley’ here on our blog, as to figuring out what we are about, I wish you the best of luck…

*Just so you have an idea what you might be in for, here is an example of a ‘Whalley’ (not too sure where he is though, or if in fact he is all there – where ever that is?)

Ben at Harrison's 3rd birthday party

This is Ben. He is very (very) special.