OK, so why haven’t I changed my name? I’m entitled….I don’t have to be a Whalley!

It all goes back to the growth of the WorldWideWeb when I was living in Willoughby…

how could I give up on being WWW – Wendy Whalley of Willoughby? I even got called www (the sound of the letters, not the name of the letters, otherwise they would have forgotten what they were going to say after going “hey, double-u, double-u, double-u….what was I going to say, ah well, forget it!”) by a few people!

So Ba, and other Whalleys, I’m still a Whalley and I fit right in!

Hope you enjoy this website’s outpouring of mis-guided humour with a side serve of affection and a dessert of happy memories!

Wendy at Ben’s graduation, May 2011