Well, its been ages since the last family update.  With the gloomy weather behind us (for now at least), we are bouncing back from our illnesses for the month – ear infections, chest infections, croup cough, flu, and the ever present sleep deprivation.  The sun coming out was just what the doctor ordered.  We decided to take a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park last Saturday and we all had a blast.

Harrison at play

Harrison is loving preschool and is doing really well.  He still loves his music and sports play.  At the moment, his favourite tv shows are Bottletop Bill, Peppa the Pig, Postman Pat, Spot, and we still watch Play School & Wiggles fairly religiously.  He is sleeping really well these days (except when he was sick with an ear infection & croup cough), so finally after 3 years we are seeing the light!  The naps have basically weaned out, which means he is so tired, hes asleep by 6:30 most nights! He loves his food these days, and now with his little sister trying everything on the menu, he is finally coming out of his shell a little and trying new things – something which he was never very good at.  His favourite colour is still purple, and he is right into robots at the moment – probably due to a term of learning about them at preschool!

Adelaide at play

Adelaide is a little angel and I cant believe she is almost 2 already!  She is communicating brilliantly, and has spoken up to 4 words to make a sentence – although usually she sticks to 1 or 2 words to get her point across.  Shes so interested in everything her big brother is doing, she has already mastered puzzles and activities designed for 2+!!  I think this generation of Whalleys are just an intelligent lot!  Adelaides favourite colour is green I think, as she always picks that coloured fork/spoon/bowl/plate if given the choice. (Harrison is constantly purple so the red, blue and yellow dont get a lot of use!) She has been giving us lots of grief with her sleeping habits in the middle of the night (she is usually so good too!), but thats because shes been so ill with a secondary chest infection/croup etc.  We have recently moved her to a “big girls” bed (the little cot sized mini bed) and she loves it.  Some nights she just yells out “bed”, walks herself to the bedroom and puts herself to sleep!  Brilliant!

Thats about it for now….hope everyones doing well!!

Lots of Love,  Chris

The kids arrive at Featherdale Wildlife Park

Harrison patting the lizard

Daddy and Adelaide feeding the kangaroo

Addie & Harrison meet the owl

Adelaide making friends with the roos

Farmer Harrison

Farmer Addie

Meeting Mr Koala

Catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders